Quran Memorization For Kids

Online Quran Basic Course

Memorization of the Qur’an with tajweed is often a big challenge for every absolute beginner. Every word has to be pronounced correctly while applying the correct reading rules simultaneously. This course aims at providing the basic Quran reading in a way that facilitates its quick yet sound memorization with tajweed.

Build a solid foundation of fluency in the pronunciation of words and reading of sentences with these lectures that are basically designed for kids. 

  • Word by word memorization of the last ten chapters of the Qur’an
  • The Arabic alphabets and some of the words each of them starts
  • Writing of the Arabic alphabets

 basic quranMemorization of these last ten chapters of the Quran will insha Allah smoothens the recitation of the other chapters. Kids will also be able to apply them in their daily adkar. The lectures will also complement busy- parents’ efforts in assisting their kids with their hifdh.

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginning reciters, through this course of 30 lectures and 9 hours of content, you shall be taken through word-by-word memorization of verses until you are able to recite long sentences fluently insha Allah.Guidelines towards the perfection of memorized verses are  provided at the end of each lecture.

The course will take an average of six months to cover insha Allah and at the end of the course, you shall be able to recite the last ten chapters of the Quran by heart .You’ll be able to write and pronounce the Arabic alphabets correctly and sequentially.

Letter words taught  by defining and drilling with the use of visuals(graphics, texts, and animations) to reinforce learning will help students to be able to refer to common objects and animals by their Arabic names.This shall also be tested using memory games insha Allah.

With these lessons,kids shall have the basic skills to memorize longer chapters at greater speed and  will have built a strong foundation for their reading and writing in Arabic.   BUY NOW!


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